Política de envío

  (a)    Generally.

           (1)     JM OFFICIAL or its subcontractors will arrange the delivery of Individual Orders to the delivery address you specify in the Fulfillment Information (usually the delivery address of the End Customer). If you do not provide a delivery address with the Fulfillment Information, then JM OFFICIAL may refuse delivery, or deliver the Individual Orders to your address on file, in JM OFFICIAL’s sole discretion.

           (2)     JM OFFICIAL has the sole discretion to choose the mode of transport, the shipment service provider, and the type of packaging available for Individual Orders. You may select only from the shipping options which JM OFFICIAL makes available to you when you place your order.

           (3)      You hereby consent to partial deliveries.

   (b)    Costs. You may review shipping costs in the Service. JM OFFICIAL or its providers may change shipping costs at any time in their sole discretion and without prior notice to you.

   (c)    Risk of Loss, Insurance. The risk of Individual Order loss, destruction, and delay passes to you when the Individual Order is handed over to the shipment service provider, forwarder, carrier, or other person tasked with facilitating shipment. JM OFFICIAL is not obligated to insure Individual Orders in transit.

   (d)    No Warranties Regarding Delivery Timing. JM OFFICIAL may provide general estimates of delivery times on its website and in the Service. These are estimates only, and JM OFFICIAL expressly disclaims all warranties that it will make Individual Orders available to a shipment service provider within any specific time period or that Individual Orders will arrive at any given destination on a specific date.

   (e)    Export Compliance

           (1)     Forms. If your End Customers import Individual Orders to non-United States destinations, JM OFFICIAL will make commercially reasonable efforts to prepare the necessary documentation when packaging the affected Individual Orders.

           (2)     Costs. To the extent that JM OFFICIAL incurs costs related to customs clearance (including duties, charges, taxes (e.g., VAT and sales taxes), or other fees), JM OFFICIAL may charge you for these costs.

           (3)     Destinations and Embargoes. You may review the available delivery destinations in the Service. However, if an Individual Order would be delivered to a destination subject to U.S. sanctions or embargo, or to a Specifically Designated National or Blocked Person under U.S. law, or to any entity, person, or destination that is the subject of a similar restriction, you acknowledge that JM OFFICIAL is authorized to reject that Individual Order.